FreeNX client and fedora

por | 18 noviembre, 2006

Free NX is the solution that MANY of us all needed:

I’m on a windows or linux box, and need to remote control another linux box… securely… over ssh only… SSL secure… oh, and with GUI too!

Enter NX…

Server Setup:

On your linux box (nx server)

Open terminal, and su to root

yum install freenx

guess what – that’s it! The yum install does ALL the config for you!

You should only need to copy the client.id_dsa.key from /etc/nxserver to your client,
then properly import the key into the client setup

Client Setup:

Windows Box

Download the Windows client from
Install – take defaults all the way through.

Linux (Fedora core 5, 6)

download linux client from
remember where you saved the file – I saved mine here: /home/dan/nxclient/

open terminal and su to root:

yum localinstall nxclient*.rpm

You have to do it this way, because of dependency issues – it took me forever to figure this one out – you can’t install just by rpm -ivh …

that’s it, now config the clients…

Client Configuration (Win & Nix):

The Session wizard:


Session name: what ever you want to call it…
Host: IP address or DNS name of your server
Port: 22
Internet connection – slide to your speed


Drop down boxes:
Right one is Unix
Left one – depends on you desktop environment – choose KDE or Gnome
Size of your remote desktop: select your resolution
**** Check the box for Enable SSL encryption of all traffic ****


Check the box for Advanced Configuration dialog

Advanced Configuration dialog:


Click the «Key» button, then Import.
Browse to the client.id_dsa.key file you got from your server setup.