Error de caracteres en WordPress y gallery2

por | 3 julio, 2006

 Para evitar que se produzcan errores de caracteres entre wordpress y gallery2, es mejor desactivar en el apache

# which encourage you to always set a default char set.
AddDefaultCharset Off

Después se deben de corregir todos los problemas relacionados con desplegar caracteres incorrectos.

In fact, I solved the problem 3 hours later using the W3C validator button embedded in the standalone gallery2.

The W3C validator was reporting an error : meta fileds indicated UTF-8, but headers were set at ISO-8859-1.

I then asked the administrator of the server to look at the settings of the apache daemon.
He noticed that, whereas the server is totally in UTF charset, he missed the default charset in the apache configuration file. As it was set to ISO, the headers were not accorded to the meta…

That it: just set AddDefaultCharset to off and it works fine ! The apache daemon will not add the default charset to the http headers. Then, then whole page will be rendered using the charset set in the meta fields