Vi Reference

por | 29 junio, 2006
Cursor control and position Editing
h Left
j Down
k Up
l (or spacebar) Right
w Forward one word
b Back one word
e End of word
( Beginning of current sentence
) Beginning of next sentence
{ Beginning of current paragraph
} Beginning of next paragraph
[[ Beginning of current section
]] Beginning of next section A Append to end of current line
0 Start of current line i Insert before cursor
$ End of current line I Insert at beginning of line
^ First non-white character of current line o Open line above cursor
+ or RETURN First character of next line O Open line below cursor
First character of previous line ESC End of insert mode
n | character n of current line Ctrl-I Insert a tab
H Top line of current screen Ctrl-T Move to next tab position
M Middle line of current screen Backspace Move back one character
L Last line of current screen Ctrl-U Delete current line
nH n lines after top line of current screen Ctrl-V Quote next character
nL n lines before last line of current screen Ctrl-W Move back one word
Ctrl-F Forward one screen cw Change word
Ctrl-B Back one screen cc Change line
Ctrl-D Down half a screen C Change from current position to end of line
Ctrl-U Up half a screen dd Delete current line
Ctrl-E Display another line at bottom of screen ndd Delete n lines
Ctrl-Y Display another line at top of screen D Delete remainer of line
z RETURN Redraw screen with cursor at top dw Delete word
z . Redraw screen with cursor in middle d} Delete rest of paragraph
z – Redraw screen with cursor at bottom d^ Delete back to start of line
Ctrl-L Redraw screen without re-positioning c/pat Delete up to first occurance of pattern
Ctrl-R Redraw screen without re-positioning dn Delete up to next occurance of pattern
/text Search for text (forwards) dfa Delete up to and including a on current line
/ Repeat forward search dta Delete up to, but not including, a on current line
?text Search for text (backwards) dL Delete up to last line on screen
? Repeat previous search backwards dG Delete to end of file
n Repeat previous search J Join two lines
N Repeat previous search, but it opposite direction p Insert buffer after cursor
/text/+n Go to line n after text P Insert buffer before cursor
?text?-n Go to line n before text rx Replace character with x
% Find match of current parenthesis, brace, or bracket. Rtext Replace text beginning at cursor
Ctrl-G Display line number of cursor s Substitute character
nG Move cursor to line number n ns Substitute n characters
:n Move cursor to line number n S Substitute entire line
G Move to last line in file u Undo last change
    U Restore current line
  x Delete current cursor position
X Delete back one character
nX Delete previous n characters
. Repeat last change
~ Reverse case
y Copy current line to new buffer
yy Copy current line
«xyy Copy current line into buffer x
«Xd Delete and append into buffer x
«xp Put contents of buffer x
y]] Copy up to next section heading
ye Copy to end of word
File Handling    
:w Write file        
:w! Write file (ignoring warnings)
:w! file Overwrite file (ignoring warnings)
:wq Write file and quit
:q Quit
:q! Quit (even if changes not saved)
:w file Write file as file, leaving original untouched
ZZ Quit, only writing file if changed
😡 Quit, only writing file if changed
:n1,n2w file Write lines n1 to n2 to file
:n1,n2w >> file Append lines n1 to n2 to file
:e file2 Edit file2 (current file becomes alternate file)
:e! Reload file from disk (revert to previous saved version)
:e# Edit alternate file
% Display current filename
# Display alternate filename
:n Edit next file
:n! Edit next file (ignoring warnings)
:n files Specify new list of files
:r file Insert file after cursor
:r !command Run command, and insert output after current line