Changing the IP on Solaris 10 requires editing two files:

por | 9 agosto, 2008

1. /etc/hosts
2. /etc/inet/ipnodes

If you are changing network address, you will need to change the router address in the file:
1. /etc/defaultrouter

Changing the hostname now only requires editing these files:

1. /etc/hosts
2. /etc/nodename
3. /etc/hostname.<interface name>

<interface name> is the driver name followed by the instance number of the interface. ie. hme0, bge0, ce0, qfe0

You can find all your network interfaces by drivername and instance# by running the following command: prtconf -D | grep network

Note: the following hosts files are no longer used in solaris 10.

Rebooting the computer should bring up the new ip and hostname.