coolstacks solaris

por | 27 junio, 2008

Cool Stack Installation on Solaris 10

You must be ‘root’ to install the packages. Download the packages you are interested in into any directory. For each of the downloaded packages, run the following bunzip2 and pkgadd commands:
bunzip2 [package.pkg.bz2]
For example: bunzip2 CSKmysql_1.3RC1_sparc.pkg.bz2
pkgadd -d [package.pkg]
For example: pkgadd -d CSKmysql_1.3RC1_sparc.pkg
This process will install the package in /opt/coolstack, along with all dependent libraries.
After installation, please refer to the README file included in each of the application’s directories. The README includes detailed information on the following:
how the application was built
Solaris-specific configuration and tuning notes.
Pointers to other relevant documentation.
Instructions for setting up SMF service (if applicable).